Faith based decision

I am back! I know I haven’t written for a long time now, but i’m not giving up on my blog. Down with bronchitis this week, the downside is that I have never coughed so much in my life, I was probably coughing in my dreams. The good thing is that I got to stay home and rest. Catch up with some readings, got more time to pray, worship and even write! Sometimes in life, you just got to Selah!

I have wanted to post this a few while back but somehow I didn’t managed to. Whatever the reasons were, here is the post. A few month ago, I resigned from my previous job at the bank as it really took up a lot of my time and it was really taking away the time I have for the things I love doing. I wanted to do things that are significant with the time I have. The job did paid me well and it was stable but it just didn’t feel right.

So off I went and I did so without finding another job. It really took some faith and courage though I think it wasn’t really the wisest thing to do. haha. Nevertheless the next two months was the most fruitful two months I had in a long time. I managed to spend more time with my CG, go for more outings, do more in my ministry and I really miss that. It felt right and nothing beats doing life and growing the zone and ministry with my trench buddies.

And in the midst of my job hunting, I did managed to get three job offers. I think it was really God, because I don’t think I will be able to get a job so quickly. Out of the three job offers, one had a really attractive package. The second one was rather prestigious, it’s a government job and I had to sit for a 6 hours assessment for it. I was really surprised I passed the first round. The third one was pretty normal, nothing fanciful and the pay was average but the working hours are good, an 9-6 kind of job. And so, I had to decide which one should I go for? I kind of eliminated the first one, while the pay is attractive l but it will really take up a lot of my time and that will be going back to square one isn’t it.

I came to a crossroad, I had to decide which job I should take up. It was then I was reminded of what Pastor Tan Seow How once shared something about decision making, he shared that we should not exchange opportunity for security. Fear causes us to preserve and conserve, we need to make faith based decision. Pastor shared that we got to live life as though we have nothing to lose. While the second job really attracted me, it kind of guaranteed me success and was seemingly more interesting. However it was obvious that it will take up much more of my time and energy. The other job was less prestigious and might potentially be a very monotonous job but it gave me more flexibility with my time. Which I can spend on things which are more significant.

I decided to take up the third job that was offered to me. Lesser pay, lesser prestige but it gave me more time to serve and love people.

Did I made that decision with sheer faith and stupidity? Of course not, Pastor shared that in making any decision, we got to first use our brains. Think through and calculate, get advice and count the cost. So with all the resources I had, the faith in my heart. I made that decision! Will it be wrong? I honestly don’t know but I know I won’t regret it because I will get to do the things I love, the things that matter for eternity.

I will be back!


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  1. gerardlum · August 21, 2015

    Thank you for sharing this! It speaks a lot into my life! Got to have clear thoughts on the decisions that we make! After reading what u said gave me a little more clarity to what I can think for my job hunt now too. Really some great food for thought 🙂


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