My Starwars Experience

I guess the topic of the town right now other than Christmas is probably Star Wars 7, The Force Awakens. Every Christmas is significant and this one will probably be tied to the release of the long awaited episode of the Star wars series for the many years to come.

Honestly I am not a big fan of Star Wars, other than the movies; I have not watched clone wars, rebel or any other comic/books. Maybe just a few videos on the history of star wars and Wikipedia on what is the Jedi order all about. Nonetheless, it didn’t stop me from being excited about the release and yes I have watched the movie already. It was a great movie, I am not a movie critic and so I am not here to give any reviews or spoilers. Don’t be too worried if you think you are going to get some spoilers if you have not watched it yet. (If you are a fan, you probably watched it by now…)

What’s interesting is that while I am not a fan of star wars, it still does have a great impact on me. I guess that’s the influence of the friends I was surrounded with when I was in secondary school. I had a friend who was really a big fan; he has an entire collection of light sabers and collectables. (Nicholas, if you are reading this, yes it’s you. haha) I was really fascinated by it and had the opportunity to wield some of it, imagining I was a Jedi Knight with the force. Sadly while we are not too close now, Star wars will always remind me of the times back then.

That’s what makes being a human so interesting isn’t it; our brains are wired in a way that we can remember people or things by events or occasions. Certain music will bring us to a place in our past where it evoke certain emotions while certain shows might bring back certain memories.

Christmas has always been my favorite part of the year, the Christmas songs that will be played throughout shopping malls, supermarkets and almost everywhere. This is also a time where I will remember the birth of my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ who came to die for me. Have I been there at the Calvary? Certainly not, but I will always remember the times where my grandmother brought me to church, the time where I participated in a Christmas play in church when I was just a little boy and most importantly the time where I came back to God and felt the redemptive power of God. Christmas is more than a festive season for me, it’s a time where I remember Christ and remain thankful for all that He have done for me.

This year, it will be special because Heart of God Church is having a Star wars Christmas and I know the force will be strong in this one!





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