My Little Adventure

So recently I went on a little adventure with some of my friends to a place not too far away. It was during the Chinese New Year period and we decided to be adventurous! I was looking through some of the articles on and I came across this ‘cheapest beach in Malaysia you can go to’ kind of article and I saw this perfect place we could go. It was like not that far, not that expensive, not that dangerous kind of place. So I shared my plans with Gerard, Jerome and Amos and they decided to join me on my little adventure.

The place we decided to take our adventure to was Pulau Besar in Johor… I know none of you probably know where this place is. So here is a map to kind of pinpoint the location.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.13.39 am.png

Pulau Besar is an island situated off Mersing, Johor and it takes about 3-4hours to get there by bus from Singapore. Then from Mersing, you will take a 30mins boat ride to Pulau Besar.

The place is incredible, beautiful beach and resort but I have to say, I think our journey there is even more incredible.

Well, we wanted to cut cost and save as much as we can to travel there and so when Gerard and I found out that it costs approximately 40SGD to take a bus from Singapore to Mersing; I knew there was definitely a much cheaper way. Lo and behold, I found out from google that if we can go to Larkin Terminal in Johor, we could get a much much cheaper bus ticket. And that’s what we did! We met up at 9pm at Kranji and took a bus to JB Central and then to Larkin Terminal. Guess what, the tickets to Mersing from there only costed us 19MYR!! We saved like 34SGD and that was really something. If you are wondering why we took the bus at such a late timing, it was because we would miss our ferry if we take the morning bus the next day. Thus we decided to spend a night at Mersing first.


We got our bus tickets from this counter! 



Exciting street food at the bus terminal


Ramly before the long bus journey to Mersing


Gerard is very happy that we managed to save on our bus ticket.

We embarked on our long bus ride to Mersing and the coach was pretty comfortable. I got really lucky and I got two seats to myself! And after about 2hours, we arrived at a very deserted bus terminal in Mersing! The funny thing was that, only 3 of us dropped off at that terminal. One thing you need to know is that it wasn’t really the tourist kind of season as the monsoon was just over. The people on the bus probably would be wondering why three Chinese guys were alighting at such a weird timing.


There is just this awesome feeling about being in an unknown place and all lost. I mean we were not entirely lost, we have our phones, GPS and stuff but you get it. The next thing we wanted to do was to locate our hotel! And we were just walking everywhere and fascinated by everything. We saw this really colourful bridge decorated with led lights.


Then we finally found our hotel! We stayed at this budget hotel call Riverside Hotel and it had pretty decent rating on I never booked a hotel room in my entire life; I mean my parents do that for me when we go overseas. So I was pretty proud that I managed to book this hotel room for 30SGD for one night. haha.


Looks pretty decent for a cheap budget hotel right! Of course we didn’t had sea view or comfortable beds but it was decent to sleep for a night. To be honest, the bed was quite horrible but beggars can’t be choosers right. After checking in and putting down all our stuff we decided to head out and find some food.

We headed to kind of a prata shop near our hotel and while the food wasn’t fantastic it was really cheap! l think it was 30cents SGD for a cup of teh?

We went to explore the town a bit more after eating and it was a pretty quite town with loads of Christmas lights. They probably forgot to take down the Christmas lightings or something.



There were quite a few street graffiti that we saw too.

I think I shall end my blog here, it’s getting too long and I don’t think anyone will be interested to read on. Stay tuned for the next post! I hope I stay motivated to type out the next one… haha.





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